Transform your textile production with an online audit from Textile Audit


TexAud2An online audit from Textile Audit can improve your production processes

Increasingly detailed global supply chains mean that modern textile production can be a difficult process to manage. Constantly increasing demands from retailers, as well as the pressures of fast fashion mean it is essential mills and textile suppliers develop and improve production efficiency in order to keep up with these demands in supply, quality and service. If not, then issues in quality and production can arise. Audits are key to making sure your textile production is as streamlined as possible. By using our newly launched online textile audit, you’ll be able to benchmark your production processes, improving your efficiency, production quality and potential order capacity. You’ll be confident that you’ll be meeting industry best practices.

 Textile production can be difficult to manage

Fast fashion is driving constant changes within the textile supply chain. These demands change rapidly due to fashion trends and an often volatile market situation. The unpredictable nature of these changes occur in a short space of time, often creating significant difficulties for retailers, brands and manufacturers all in the supply chain.  Due to constant issues with poor product supply, quality and service, brands and retailers are understandably demanding-  they want increased visibility and confidence in their supply chain.

Additionally, it is often difficult for retailers to find new textile suppliers and for brands to fully understand the technical capabilities of any new supplier. Audits give confidence to all parties in the textile supply chain and are essential to maximise the efficiency and capacity of your production. You’ll be able to truly understand the component parts of your business, which will give potential partners confidence when awarding contracts.

An audit will identify improvements in your textile production

The fast paced nature of working to exacting deadlines means it is often difficult for suppliers to find the time to monitor, identify and improve efficiencies within textile production with a traditional onsite audit. Although not designed to replace an onsite audit, our online audit process will provide you with an important benchmark process that will enable you to streamline and develop your production systems. The benefits of this for your textile production include:

  •  Developing efficiencies in supply processes
  • An increasingly efficient process will lead to a higher quality product
  • Increased efficiency and consistency in quality will generate more interest from brands, resulting in higher potential orders and profit.

How Textile Audit can help your business


An online audit from Textile Audit will help you identify improvements in your factory operation, allowing you to increase your production efficiency and supply quality. Assessing procedure and systems in your manufacture will enable all parties in the supply chain to have confidence in production quality, leading to increased potential orders and ultimately, increased profitability for your business.

The Textile Audit is available for minimal cost and is easy to complete online. The audit questions are user-friendly and collect your information ready for the analysis of your current set up. After completing and submitting your audit, you’ll receive a professional analysis report and an action plan for improving and developing your current set-up.

The audit will help you to:

  • Improve the finish quality of your textile products
  • Optimise your production process to ensure consistent quality
  • Reduce your RTMs
  • Identify efficiencies and waste savings
  • Strengthen and streamline your supply chain

After this report, further consultation is available through Textile Consult. This further in-depth consultation will, for example, assist in implementation of the plan or to complete an onsite visit.

Carry out your Textile Audit today

Contact us today to discuss your audit requirements, or take a look at our full range of audit products on our website. We’re looking forward to help make your manufacturing more efficient and profitable. If you’d also like to find out more about our in-depth textile consultancy services, then please contact us via our Textile Consult website.


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