Online Presence…..

Here at Textile Consult Ltd we appreciate that your time is precious.  We also appreciate that the nature of the global textile industry means that it is not always practical or cost effective to meet face to face to discuss your requirements or work on your project.  This is why Textile Consult is taking our services online to support our clients and to help you work in a more cost effective and efficient way.  Hopefully you have read our previous blog piece on our new venture Textile Audit.  We are now launching online workshops,  via the ZEQR platform. We will be available every Monday and Wednesday afternoon to answer your textile wet processing , colour related issues.  Alternatively you can request a workshop at your convenience – just contact us through the ZEQR interface.  Our delve into the online world is continuing,  with new online courses being launched very shortly.  Keep checking back for more information.   Of course if you would like to just have a chat you can always just contact us to set up a meeting either in person, on the phone or online.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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