So we have been quite busy social media wise……

2016 is coming to a close how was it for you ?  many people are commenting on waht a bad year it was with certain events around the world and the celebrity icons we lost in 2016.  Here at Textile Consult its been an interesting 2016 with lots to do and more importantly lots to do potentially in 2017.  We already have training days lined up for January and we are just starting discussion with a client on a major consultancy project.

In house we have been quite busy too, we have redeveloped our website come and have a look at the new features including a new download area for getting content on textiles – our first document for downloading  a guide to process optimisation and lab to bulk reproducibility.  We will be offering more of these guides in the coming months so keep checking back for more information.

If there is anything you would like to discuss with Textile Consult we are always ready to have a conversation so why  say “hello”


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