INTEGENZY quasi enzymic interlinkagers

Textile Consult are always interested in new innovations and technologies     Many of these technologies  aim to improve efficiency by reducing process time and wastage which in the current textile world is always welcome.

In the first of an occasional series within Textile Talk, H M Yan General Manager from Wuhan Universal Color&Biochemistry Ltd (WUCB) discusses their new innovation integenzy-1511  

“A unique revolutionary quasi enzyme-based preparation of integenzy-1511, and the technology  developed by Wuhan Universal Color&Biochemistry Ltd.—WUCB in one step process technologies to produce bleached cellulose fibres, pulps, yarns, fabrics by all the reactions of desizing (or degumming for hemps) ∕ scouring ∕ bleaching ∕ eliminating pollution achieving cost savings of around 70-90%.

By replacing more traditional, ecologically unfriendly processes, savings on water and energy  are achievable, combine this with  with minimized environmental impact and improved  cost performance for downstream products, making integenzy-1511 the most cost effective product on the market

● One step process technologies for pre-treatment by all the reactions of desizing (or degumming for hemp) ∕scouring ∕ bleaching ∕ eliminating pollution in about 70-90 % costs saving further are occurred at the same time.
● Productivity improved 200-300% and cost efficient by one step in one bathtub with lower bath ratio for pre-treating process with very lower alkali, eliminate a host of harsh, caustic chemicals basically, and very short reacting times in 1/3-1/5 base on traditional processes.
● Eco-friendly in clear basic effluent within eliminating chroma in about 80-95%, and CODcr and BOD in about 60-70%, and residual alkali in about 80-90%, and ash in lower evidently. So that costs saving more in post-treating wastewater

Costs saving of water resource in 60-70%, steam and electric power in 55-60% and lower more effluents in finished process.
● High effective degreasing, water absorbency and uniform whiteness with the suitable physicochemical parameters for various treated one with higher more cost performance.
● So as cold water washed after bleached costs saving power further.
● Gentle on the cellulose fibres, yarns, fabrics and non affected on its strengths basically.
● High security for processors and products when used it within lower and broad reacting temperature, and biodegradable in special designed quasi enzymes originated natural vegetation and eco-friendly biochemicals.
● Non any PFOS, APEO(NPEO), phosphate, silicate, fluorescent whitener contained with suitable efficient bio degradation.

WUCB is a major supplier of special quasi enzymes and auxiliary chemicals and colorants in eco-friendly products, respectively for cellulose fibres and fabrics, garment dyeing, paper&pulps and relative industries.

H.M. Yan,
Gen. Mang., Senior Member in AATCC,


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