A New Style of Sale Pitch



So a question for all you salespeople out there “have you ever gone into a meeting and said ” I have seen the set up you have and its rubbish, absolutely terrible, you need to buy my product”

I suspect the answer is not in so many words.  You need to angle your message quite carefully and ensure that the client comes to the conclusion they need your product.  Having had several unsolicited emails in the last few days from web design companies it seems that the nuances of a sales pitch have not been learnt or understood.  Their approach is pretty much along the lines of ” we have had a look at your website and it is rubbish” They then proceed to list everything that they think is wrong with the website.  I have to tell you that I actually like our website and it has been done very well and optimised and to tell me how rubbish it is is not going to help you win business.

I wonder why the web design sector take this approach, is it because the time in an email is short and they know that,  if the emails is not picked up by the spam filter the chances of many people reading past the first paragraph is minimal ?  Is the web design sector so competitive that they need to hit prospective clients with a short sharp shock.  I do not know all I do know is that this confrontational style of approach does not really work,  in my opinion,  and if you truly want to gain business and build a lasting relationship with a client the best way to do this is not to start off by antagonizing them.

If you would like to see what we do, then please look at our website – www.textileconsult.co.uk  drop us a line tell us how good it is and then we can start a dialogue about how Textile Consult can help you optimise your textile process, increase efficiency and profits and make your life easier – now thats a sales pitch….


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