So January was a good start…

Hello everyone and welcome to a new month.  Already 2016 is 1/12 over and the history books can start to be written.  On many levels 2016 has already had an impact on many peoples lives with icons such as David Bowie and Alan Rickman passing away,  the UK has been battered by several storms,  storms which we now seem to be naming with traditional english names it seems i.e Gertrude and Henry,  the two most recent.

Here at Textile Consult it has been a month of development and preparation,  2015 seemed to stutter to a halt, firstly for a very personal reason and then the inevitable slow down you get with the Christmas and New Year holidays.   So we came into 2016 hoping to get things going again and it seems we have with several potential customers from last year turning this potentiality,  is that a word you can use in this context,  into something more concrete.  Not only are we preparing/ developing some training courses for a major UK brand we are also working with some of the UK’s leading thinkers to develop their potential products into some very exciting and innovative new areas.  You never know where opportunities are going to come from and you should never close a door on someone or something.

An idea that was left in June / July of 2015 with the phrase – ‘lets keep in touch’ you never know what might happen in the future has now developed into internal training days for a client with a major opportunity for this to develop to even higher levels.

So all in all a good start 2016 and keep it up.   If you would like to see how Textile Consult Ltd can help your business or have an idea you might want to talk through and see how you can get it out there to the wider textile world, why not drop us a line.   You can find us at Textile Consult

If you do not talk about where you might want to go or how you might want to get there then you will never move and why wonder ‘what if’.


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