So hello 2016 what have you got for us ?

I am not sure if this is the question that we should ask at the start of every year?  From the point of view of people involved with Textile Consult both professionally and personally 2015 was a year to be glad to see the back of.   For the textile industry as well I think that 2015 was a poor year,  whether the was just another poor year following other poor years or if 2015 just stood out as a bit of bad one I am not sure.  I do know that the Pakistan textile sector seems to be in crisis with falling sales and outputs at the same time as facing an increasing cost base,  you have to wonder how long the Pakistan textile sector can survive.  On a environmental, sustainability level we had the usual round of MOI’s, Roadmaps, Iniitiatives etc closely followed with the news stories that those brands involved were still sourcing from mills that were unsafe, not treating workers fairly etc..  So yet another year passes when Sustainability just seems like a vanity exercise for those involved a PR exercise that cannot achieve anything because if it does there will be no need for these highly paid PR people to carry on and we cannot have that.  As Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles said ” we must protect our phoney baloney jobs gentlemen”

So 2015 has passed into the history books,  it will be looked back on differently for many people,  and we have to look forward into 2016 and beyond.   This brings us back to the original question of ” 2016 what have you got for us?” the simple fact is no one knows there will be lots of good intentions and PR as before,  you would hope with everything that is happening in the world on  economic, social, environmental levels 2016 will be the year that we can all stop pontificating and actually do something.

I hope you have a successful year in 2016 and when we get to 2017 the industry will be facing a much brighter future.


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