Finding your textile place…..

It’s Friday lunchtime and maybe time to look back on the events of the week and understand what we have learnt this week.   There are always lessons to learn and for client confidentiality we will not divulge names or places here. I will say that it is nice to see that our message on being prepared and understanding the textile process by talking to industry experts is getting through.  This was shown this week in two fairly lengthy phone calls with organisations who had developed a product and processes.  While they are experts in their chosen area they are not experts in textile processing.  This meant that they have a potentially great product that could suffer problems because they do not have an in depth knowledge of the processes in which their products will be used.  So this is where Textile Consult came in, in both cases, we were able to have a telephone conversation with them and go step by step through their process.  The first call involved a manufacturing situation so we were able to help define the potential manufacturing process in a production environment.  In the case of the second call we were able to help the clients understand where their product would fit into the market,  who were their potential end users and more importantly who their potential competitors were.

In both cases there is still a way to go for the companies concerned to get their brilliant ideas into the market place, by having the conversation at this time and understanding what they are facing they have saved themselves both time and money.   They can move forward confident that their products will be fit for purpose.   As with all things preparation is everything.

If you have a product you think the textile world needs but you are unsure on where you fit in the grand scheme of things,  why not drop us a line.   We would be happy to schedule a call with you and help you find your Textile Place.

Ian Smith is a textile consultant and managing director of Textile Consult Ltd,  a business consultancy practice that services the textile industry, offering training, consultancy and project management.


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