Garment Supplier Auditing Tool

Over the years we have worked with many Brands for both training and consultancy. During the course of the working relationship there has been one constant complaint that affects all our Clients.

The Quality of some of the suppliers that they were working with.

There was also a second complaint and this was there was no independent way to check the quality of a supplier before embarking on a working relationship.

The pain and frustration felt by the Brands was something that was very real and cost so much time and money.

But you know what?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You see, a group of industry experts have come together to build a platform that will guide to quality suppliers who can meet your needs.

Working with the German Fashion Association – TRIGON SELECT have developed an Apparel Supplier Assessment & Selection Programme- using Performance Audits. These audits are available in three versions (Pre-Audit, Standard and Advanced Audit) and will rate suppliers against up to 280 criteria to show you who makes the grade and who you should, or could, be working with.

Such is the initial success of the German pilot program, that industry associations in The Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland as well as the International Apparel Federation are introducing the product to their members.

Through Textile ConsultTrigon Select are now introducing their Auditing Tool to the UK. I am attaching a presentation that will give you more information on product and you can also visit the website of Trigon Select for more information

You cannot afford poor suppliers, so why put up with them – there is a solution and its available at the touch of a button.



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