Something slightly different……

So in a moment of bravado the team here at Coloursmith with some friends have registered an interest in doing the London to Brighton Bike Ride in 2015. The route is around 55 miles over the highways and byways to Brighton. As I said we have just registered an interest at the moment and there is no guarantee we will be accepted but given the interest is registered training has begun this last weekend. We will try to keep you upto date with our progress and certainly let you know if we are accepted onto the ride on the day, when the time comes, if we do not get accepted then we will all be a lot fitter and ready to go for other charitable events such as this. Look out for future blogs as the training continues and we get some miles under our wheels, the blog is called Colourtalk – so the colour angle to this there were a few rosy cheeks / if not RED faces after our intiial 6 miles starter ride yesterday.

Happy Monday everyone hope it is a good week.


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