Ombre Dyeing

Recently we have been asked about a hot fashion topic Ombré.

Ombré rhymes with the Spanish word hombre, despite its Spanish sound it is actually a French word meaning “shade” or “shadow”. Ombré dyed fashions have been appearing across our high streets and on the cover of “Oprah” magazine via high fashion shows
So what is this Ombré you ask – well Ombré, also known as dip dyeing, color bleeding, or gradated dyeing, usually achieved by hand dipping fabric to creat a light to dark graduation, or in some situations from one color to another.
It is especially useful and striking effect for silks and other fine fabrics, for more mainstream lower cost garments the effect could be printed or even airbrushed even hand blended with brushes, these processes are quite time consuming and the ultimate effect is never completely the same as the more traditional high end options.
An almost Ombré effect can be achived pre-soaking a garment in Soda Ash and applying successively stronger solutions of color from top to bottom of the garment, some tie dyers do this to simulate the effect. Ombré in its truest form takes us back to the traditional hand dyeing days of production to create a unique effect.




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