I find this quite depressing…..

Lidl are launching a new garment range and according to the article in the link, one of the main items they will be offering is a leather jacket at £14.99. In a recent post on Ecouterre, there was an info graphic that stated on a $14 garment the factory made a clear profit of $0.58 and the garment was going to the retailer for a 60% mark up. Many of the retailers are now claiming to be more friendly to their supply chain and we see many of them with websites promoting their values etc. Surely a good place to start in all this would be to enable their suppliers to make a profit that is not so small that they will not even consider providing safe working conditions and paying a better wage. After all in the case from Lidl and the leather jacket if they sold it for £25, it would still be seen as a good value by some people and they will still make sales, at the same time they can increase the payment down the supply chain and still make a decent profit themselves. These kind of stories make you ashamed of the textile industry at times as you just know that while the consumer is celebrating a “good deal”, the retailer is celebrating increased profits someone somewhere is not winning on this deal.


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