Another Success….

trainingSo yesterday was spent delivering another Coloursmith training course to a major high street name.

It’s always interesting how these course develop and the interaction with the delegates. By providing information and potential solutions to the actual problems that come across their desks every day, the course and information has real value for the delegate and hopefully going forward, their companies too.

Of course for our trainers this can prove to be quite a tough day, as with the larger retailers you have a delegate mix of technicians from Children’s, Home, Men’s and Women’s department, and even Footwear and, as a consequence, you get some varied and interesting issues and questions.  We pride ourselves on our all round knowledge and ability to help the delegates find possible solutions and discover the correct questions to ask of their suppliers.

I asked the question in a previous blog about why companies put up with such poor service from their suppliers, not only in terms of the quality of product, but also in the quality of the follow up service, when a problem occurs. It seems that this scenario continues and the dissatisfaction with certain suppliers seems to be ongoing.

I wonder how long this can continue?  There must come a breaking point in all this, or will the British way be to carry on and continue to be disappointed, but not really want to say anything ?


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