So this is 2014…

A belated Happy New Year to everyone.  This blog comes to you from somewhere between Grantham and Doncaster on the East Coast Mainline Train, heading for Leeds to attend some meetings in Yorkshire.  Its the start of a new year and at this time everyone starts to make New Years resolutions and try to map out the “plan” for the coming year.  I say “plan” in that way because you can be sure that all the plans and good intentions that were set out in late December / first week or January are pretty much out of the window by the third week of January.  This is certainly true when it comes to business, any ideas plans you may have all change when the phone starts ringing and the emails start dropping into the inbox.  All you can do is try and ride the wave of what happens and make it through to the next day.  Like many businesses Coloursmith has a business plan and this was reviewed at the end of last year when it came time to update it.  I am quite impressed with ourselves to say that when we look back at the plan,  probably around 80% of it actually happened and looking at our end of year accounts that are about to be filed we seem to be right on the money,  excuse the pun,  with the finances we predicted.

So while the day to day plan maybe up and down in the first 4 years of Coloursmith,  it seems that overall we have been heading in the direction that we wanted to go in and predicted we would go in.

So how did we do this ?  It would be good to say we had a crystal ball that can accurately predict the future,  I wish,  the truth is,  a combination of inspiration and perspiration, alongside being very realistic.  As a small business owner you are always lost in the chaos of the day to day life of your business,  the ups and downs of cashflow,  the excitement and disappointments of orders won and lost and it is very hard to take a step back and see the bigger picture.  It is only when you have your report card – i.e. the end of year accounts do you see the big picture of how well you have done.  The business plan is a good way to see if you are on track, no pun intended there, given the writer being on a train.  So the end of year numbers for Coloursmith for 2012/2013 look good,  the business plan is in place and we go onward into 2014,  already some of the areas we are targeting in our business plan are looking promising with some interesting meetings in the next few weeks, and a new website on the way,  so lets see what this year brings.  I hope you all have a successful year and Coloursmith look forward to working with you in 2014.


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