So Long, 2013 and Thanks for All the Fish

I am sure that many of you will recognise the inspiration for this blog title. Thank you Douglas Adams.

Its getting to that time of year again when things are winding down and we look back on the previous years activities and try to decide if it was worth all the hassle.  As a business we get our “school report” every year when the accounts are done and we are able look at how successful or not we have been in the last 12 months,  Coloursmith continue to show growth and development and our “school report” in the comments section would probably say… “continues to show steady improvement, keep up the good work”

Of course the success or not of a company is not purely measured in the balance sheet,  you have to look at whether you are gaining new business, are you developing your range, and are you retaining the customers you already have, because they like your product. Vitally important is the the way you do business. Considering these areas I think we can give ourselves a small pat on the back.  Looking into  2014 the future looks bright we have 3 potential exciting new projects with some household names and also  some new innovative products coming on line.  So that is a definately case of watch this space.  I promise to try and blog more in 2014,  its something I have said a few times,  but that is our New years resolution.

So looking internally at Coloursmith the future looks pretty good,  and we look forward to working with you again in 2014.  In terms of the greater textile industry how has it treated and being treated in 2013.  There are some obvious negatives from the year,  with tragic loss of life in Bangladesh in the now infamous Rana Plaza,  and some other factory fires etc.  You can only hope that instead of merely paying lip service to events like this,  the powers that be in the textile industry,  be they retailers,  or governments etc,  actually step up this time and try to effect real change.  It has to start with the consumer changing there mindset,  when it comes to fast fashion and cheaper goods but lets hope we see real positives coming from such tragic events so that they never happen again.   Positives for 2013,  there are some real developments in technology that have the potential to reduce the environmental impact of the textile process,  it will be interesting to read more on the waterless technology for dyeing and finishing and i think the whole industry is intrigued by 3D printing and where that can take us.

Here in the UK we have started to see a small return to manufacturing with the opening of some small production units,  and a real interest in UK manufacture, it is also good to see the younger generation getting involved in textiles again.   Could textiles become cool !!!!!

So on balance what grade do we give Textiles 2013 –  B or B- Could do better ?  I am not sure,  2013 gave some new ideas and a fresh start to some areas of textile industry,  lets hope that 2014 can build on this.

From everyone at Coloursmith Ltd,  we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year and 2014.


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