Wool 1 : Nano Technology 0

So here we are on the train from Manchester to Euston,  having just attended the Textile Institute conference on Functional textiles in Manchester.   As always with these conferences you have a varying level of presentations and a varying level of interest amongst the audience.  The presentations covered research work being done in anti microbial / anti fungal,  fibre modification and nano technology and 3D printing.  In regards to nano technology an interesting discussion started whereby the presenters were asked if the treatment to the natural fibre they were doing,  affected the bio degradable nature of the natural textile.  To which the answer was “yes it makes it non bio degradable”  In an age when textile sustainability and environmental issues are at the forefront of all the minds of the great and the good in the textile industry.  You have to wonder why research is taking place to make a product less bio degradable and destined for landfill at end of life.   Surely there is better work to consider. 

On one presentation on durable flame retardancy and after a lot of chemistry,  the presenter was asked about natural flame retardancy polymers.  There was a silence while he tried to think of a polymer with natural flame retardancy.  After a few moments silence an audience member came up with a simple answer – WOOL 


One thought on “Wool 1 : Nano Technology 0”

  1. I can make wool antimicrobial and yes that makes it non-biodegradable. So at the same time I’m building end of life solutions that take advantage of the antimicrobial effect. Products that are antimicrobial will lower disease and reduce infection and at the end of their life can be up cycled. Also they will be resistant to moth attack and mildew and last longer.
    Landfill is soooo 2012..


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