Lost in the big city.

Both Coloursmith and Curvebox are in the big city for the next few days.  Curvebox will be busy at the Meetings Show in Olympia, tasked with leading a panel presentation /discussion on meetings technology. These last few days Curvebox has recieved rave reviews for its presentation and we should say congratulations to all involved.  While this has been going on Coloursmith are pounding the pavements of the capital trying to avoid being photographed by tourists every step of the way, as we traverse our way through Westminster and Victoria meeting with established and new clients.  I am halfway through the trek today, and have stopped for a cooling beverage etc,  and then more this afternoon and into the evening.  Tomorrow is a more sedentary day attending the London College of Fashion Seminar on “Connecting Textiles”. In a stroke of pure genius (luck) the hotel we are staying in is only a mile from the venue for tomorrow, so a good chance for the feet to recover after todays experiences.  For Curvebox, the seminars are finished and they are pounding a different path around the exhibition at Olympia.  When you walk down the same street 3 or 4 times that is not so much of a problem,  but when you walk past the same booth 3 or 4 times then that can get a bit embarrassing for both the people on the booth and the walkee and you are just reduced to nodding at each other and having a wry smile that says “yes, I am here again” 

Anyway this is just a ramble in the grand scheme of things while resting the feet before onto the next client.  

Hope the weather is good with you all and England continue with a “decent” start in the first test. 



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