Customer service improved

After my last comments about the customer service on East Coast mainline railways on Wednesday morning,  they redeemed themselves somewhat with the return journey on Wednesday evening.  There was a “police incident” at Peterborough which involved someone threatening suicide.  This lead to the trains being stopped in both directions for around 2 hours.  Happily it seems that the incident was resolved and our journey continued but it meant that the 5.15 from Leeds finally arrived in Kings Cross at around 21.30.  Throughout the incident the staff on board the train provided as much information as they could and were courteous and professional in what was obviously a very difficult situation.  On our arrival at Kings Cross offers of compensation were made, despite their being nothing East Coast could do about the situation. So hats off to all concerned.

I should also mention that once again Twitter seemed to be the best source of news and with the powerpoints on the train we were able to keep cheery and informed.   The buffet car did run out of food,  but red wine and tea was still available so the british sense of humour was maintained.

Hopefully the next trip up North will be shorter and less eventful .


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