Customer Service

I write this blog, sitting on the 0735 East Coast Main line train from Kings Cross to Leeds,  having just left Doncaster behind.  When it comes to booking train or air tickets we usually use some form of service,  to try and get a better deal and if you can put up with a fixed time ticket for the train then the trainline is a very good option.  For some reason on this journey travelling first class was £5 cheaper than a standard ticket and you get the added bonus of a free breakfast.  In this case porridge is always a good option something that has been designed to be microwaved cannot be destroyed by the on board industrial microwaves.  The source of amusement this morning on this journey has been with the passenger opposite who decided to have the bread basket,  which promised a feast of croissants, pain au chocolat and danishes.  When the trolley came round they were offered one pastry,  about the size of and espresso cup in diameter and then told they could not have anymore.  So the basket turned into something far less impressive.   The trolley then continued down the carriage to the few remaining seats, before returning.  On the return trip down the carriage the trolley stopped again and the attendant offered the passenger more pastries and even some toast.  We are sat here on the remainder of our journey into Leeds wondering what happened in the 10 -15 metres that the trolley travelled to suddenly have a change of heart and go from hardly anything to a plethora of pastries.  Did the attendant suddenly remember his customer service training or is there a different rule as we pass through the lincolnshire / south yorkshire border.  They say us northerners are friendlier,  I am not sure this is true,  I have lived in the north for 27 years, before beginning the exodus south, and met some quite grumpy northerners. In deed there are some that will say I am one of those grumpy northerns myself,  you would hope that customer service is not geographically affected.  If it is I am ordering my drink and sandwich as soon as I leave Leeds tonight. I do not want to risk the anger of the attendant as he changes Mr Hyde type as we head past Grantham.


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