Sunday Morning – Blues

Well its Sunday morning,  I cannot sleep so here we are just looking at what further promotions we can do.  Seeing what wordpress can do in terms of functionality,  just posted several photographs of our new coating machine and I think only one is appearing.  So a WordPress lesson is needed there.  Big week coming up for Coloursmith with some significant contracts on consultancy to discuss,  lets hope for a successful outcome on those.   Its also the week when we file our VAT return for this quarter.  That very special moment when we actually potentially get something back from the UK government.  That is always a special moment when that happens. 

So its been a while since we have posted anything – apart from the photos / photo about 5 minutes ago so what has been happening.  If you follow us on facebook you will probably know some of it but for those of you not in the 42 followers,  then heres a brief up date. 

The machinery orders keep coming in, which is nice,  there are more Coloursmith machines in the market place every month with the promise of more to come.  We are introducing new machines and developing new ideas,  including projects for drying and coating speciality product.

We recently completed a consultancy project doing an audit on effciency etc. These audits are proving to be very useful to the clients as it is an opportunity to break down the processes and look at them in the smallest details. This then gives them the ideas on where small changes can be made,  that will ultimately provide big savings and increases in efficiency.  Too many times consultants go into factories and recommend a large scale capital investment in machinery.  This is not always necessary and in most cases it is not something that a client will be prepared to do until they see some initial improvements in the situation.  Many factories Coloursmith see have modern well maintained equipment,  the areas where money is lost comes in the way this equipment is used and when a factory has to deal with the demands of its own clients.   The biggest problem being when a factory presents something incorrectly or starts making minimal changes, with no real appreciation of the impact of the changes,  does and addition of dyestuff at 0.01% have any real bearing on the shade,  it still costs the same in terms of energy / time etc as a change of 3% but visually can you really see that kind of addition, so why do it ?  the normal answer to this is because the client wants us too.  Better relationships and communication between the manufacturer and the client, would immediately alleviate a lot of these kinds of problems and the costs involved – Something to think about maybe !

In other new our training courses keep going on, we delivered another one in April for an established client and we will repeat this in October / November time.  The course are attracting a lot of interest with the great and the good of the british textile industry attending.  I want to introduce a practical element to these courses and actually get some of the buyers and the garment techs who attend doing a dyeing,  what do they say a picture paints a thousand words etc. So maybe actually doing a dyeing and “introducing some issues ” would enable a clearer understanding of what can go wrong and what a good dyeing looks like and how you spot the bad ones and more importantly how you fix them. 

Finally in this little wander around Coloursmith world,  we look at our friends at the Society of Dyers and Colourists,  I was honoured by them twice recently firstly in the form of a medal for services to the Society in the London Region and secondly buy being elected to the board of Trustees.  In the case of the latter a lot of hard work over the next 3 years helping to shape the society which is always an interesting situation – So thats the Sunday morning catch up maybe should do this weekly,  nothing like a bit of a grumble at the end of a week !! or is it the start of a whole new week of opportunities I am never sure. 


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