No power no post

well here we are at the end of a very frustrating morning,  this has been a trip back to the dark ages,  almost quite literally.  This is due to the fact that since 8am this morning we have been suffering intermittent power cuts. Culminating in the last one that lasted around 90 minutes.  Its only when its not there do you realise how much we rely on the power.  Yes the laptop and smart phone continued to work,  but with no server or internet router connection was intermittent and slow to say the least.  On a more fundamental lever one of our directors had a meeting to go to this morning,  so just getting the necessary files from the server and general preparations for the meeting were severely disrupted.  I went to Bangladesh many years ago for the first time and at that time Dhaka had power cuts of varying lengths several times a day. My local agent at the time described this as very frustrating.  Given this mornings events I agree with his sentiments completely.


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