Sunday Sunday

So here we are on a Sunday Afternoon evening trying to catch up on the week,  after a few days out of the office.  Friday was spent at the joint  SDC London Region and Textile Institute event,  Fashion, Futures, Fibers and Finishes or 4 F’s as it became known.  The event focussed on the future of textiles and innovations that are happening.  Over 100 people attended and they heard how textiles is managing to mix both the traditional and the innovative / technological world.  So we have now the technology to be able to use a textile to sense smells and potential illness or danger and on a happier theme if you want a qwerty keyboard or the ability to control your Ipod/ipad/ Iphone , other technology is available then this is available.   As if Sking wasnt difficult enough you can now ski and email at the same time it proved to be a fascinating event and if you have not been to an SDC / TI event before and you are interested in textiles then why not come along you never know what you might learn.

Friday afternoon was spent in discussion on the next consultancy project that Coloursmith will be under taking. Another project to look at efficiency and optimisation in the textile dyeing sector,  this is the third one of these we have undertaken in the last few months and our clients are already seeing the benefits with increases in optimisation in the region of 10-15%  in the first few weeks after  a visit from the Coloursmith team. If you are interested in finding out more about how a Coloursmith dyehouse consultancy audit can help your factory and deliver real savings then please contact us.


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