Send for t’dyer – Lament

With Thanks to Chris Shaw – Chris Shaw Media for sending this through.

Send for t ‘dyer

You’ll find in mills tbroughout the land; A highly s k i l l f u l select band

Of Men, who wait for shouts of ire; From all and sundry–"Send for t ‘dyer".

No matter what the trouble be; Everyone’s in unity.

You don’t blame tuner, spinner, buyer; You simply holler–"Send for t ‘dyer".

If standing marks the cloth should mar; One need not look so very f a r ;

Do not the gentle weaver f i r e ; Better still to–"Send for t’dyer".

Now if the cloth be stained with grease; Just mark the ticket ‘Dirty piece’

Then at the Perch you broadcast f i r e ; All together–"Send for t ‘dyer".

If the.cutting’s rough, or the pile too low; Say ‘The back is grinning through’;

(A deeper shade makes the pile look higher) So once again its–"Send for t’dyer”.

If the weft’s so weak you’ve to wind it slack; Blame your old friend Sulphur Black.

Keep on and on, and be a trier; Sooner or later they ’11–"Send for t ‘dyer".

Mender’s throw around the pieces; Causing stains and hasty creases;

The perch can’t call a lass a liar; So there’s nowt to do but –"Send for t ‘dyer".

When yarns are full of knots and burrs; The spinner then is heard to curse

And utter threats most rude and dire; Says "Can’t be my fault–"Send f o r t ‘ d y e r

But when.things to wrong and you need some aid; In the complex tricky textile trade;

If you feel you’re really i n the mire; Just relax and–"Send for t’dyer".

Oh noble men. Oh happy breed.

If the roof f e l l i n or the mill caught f i r e ; It’s a pound to a pinch, they’d–"Send for t ‘dyer".

Yours is a thankless task indeed.

But when his earthly span is o ‘ e r ; And he stands and waits a t the Golden Shore;

He’ll hear the c a l l of the Heavenly Choir;

"Bring the best i n first–send f o r t’dyer".



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