Dyehouse Consultancy Healthchecks

Throughout 2012, Coloursmith were working to develop an auditing system for the modern textile company that would give achievable results in the most cost effective way. There are several different models of this kind of product out there, some that involve an online self assessment option, others that involve visits to the potential customers premises for an onsite audit etc. Coloursmith have been looking at all these can we have developed what we believe is a good balance of these models and is already giving results. At the end of 2012 we were engaged by a company to visit there factory in India to carry out a “healthcheck” on their dyeing operation. This operation was a mix of yarn dyeing and full continuous processing. The Coloursmith Healthcheck begins with a pre audit questionnaire, the purpose of this is to determine basic facts about the operation, such as number of machines, capacities of machines, dyestuff types being used, and different types of processing being undertaken. This gives the coloursmith consultants a benchmark for the operation and helps them determine a preliminary understanding of where the client is in terms of “best practice.”

Step 2 of the process is to have a factory visit, this will usually be for around 5 days and will help the Coloursmith personnel get a proper understanding of the actual as opposed to the written. During this visit the time can be taken to analyise all aspects of the process from the moment the geige fabric comes into the factory until the moment it leaves on its journey to either the next process. This second step of the actual visit is essential, many times a factory will have a written SOP for all aspects of the process, they will also tell you that their machines are of the top quality in terms of the brand and the performance. It is only by actually seeing the machines and the process can you determine an “as is” situation. On our visit last year it was obvious that while the client concerned did have the top quality equipment and processing they said in the pre audit, they did not have adequate training or understanding of the process to take advantage of this equipment. There were also some fundamental steps that they were not taking that were costing them time and money. Step 3 Report and recommendations, this is provided in the form of a verbal report on the last day of the visit, there is also a written report that is submitted within 10 days of our consultants leaving the site. This report will outline good and bad areas. We will provide recommendations that in some cases can be implemented immediately with no or minimum capital expenditure. There will be some longer term options that can be implemented but may need a bit more time and capital expense to be achieved. For many companies this is where the consultancy ends, here at Coloursmith we want to build a lasting relationship with our clients and continue to help them grow and improve in the coming years. This is why we offer the option of “coaching” where the Coloursmith consultant who carried out the initial assessment will come back and help you implement some of the suggestions that were made. Giving you real support going forward, alternatively we can work with you to find the correct personnel to join your team and help these initial recommendations and ideas become part of your daily routine and success. Coloursmith Consultants, all have a vast knowledge of their subject area, with a minimum of 10 years working in there chosen sectors on a world wide basis. Our consultants have actually run factories so they appreciate the real pressures facing the modern factory. The Coloursmith consultancy’s offer real results for one of our clients last year we increase RFT , Right First Time, production from 78% to 92% following the Coloursmith visit. Our consultancy can cover, DYEING AND FINISHING, WEAVING, SPINNING AND KNITTING, COLOUR MANAGEMENT AND QUALITY CONTROL TESTING. If you would like to know more about the Coloursmith consultancy services then please contact us or check out our website. Ian Smith
Coloursmith Ltd info@coloursmith.co.uk


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