New Coloursmith Infra Red Machine

We are happy to announce that our new Chroma Colour 5 Infra Red dyeing machine is launched and being used in a major textile phd project at a UK Academic establishment.   The Chroma Colour 5 is the latest in  the range of machines from Coloursmith that put the environment at the centre of our thinking.  Using state of the art technology we have been able to achieve the same heating rates as our competitors machines while using only half the power of other machines on the market.  The machine also features the latest in touch screen control systems,  enable the programming of user profiles,  ensuring  constant reproducible repeatable dyeing profiles.  We have dispensed with the non cost effective and ultimately environmentally unfriendly water cooling.  Looking at this from a manufacturing point of view we asked ourselves when there is no proven advantage of water over air cooling how could we expect our clients to put hundreds of litres a day of water down the drain?.  So we have removed this option which will not only reduce the water usage and the costs involved but enable us to manufacture a much more cost effective machine.  Beakers sizes range from 100ml through to 5 litres,   with our standard beaker size being 275ml.  With an option for chemical dosing should it be required.

If you would like more information on the Chroma Colour 5 then please contact us,  for all our Indian colleagues and friends in the Indian Textile Market we will be showcasing this machine at the India ITME show in December 2012



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