Let’s get together, right now, naturally

From tv advert saturation requesting charitable donations for third world country famine/disasters to more homegrown ‘fragmented’ appeals for funding, I have spent a lot of my recent recovery time getting cross in front of the box.

I just cannot understand why the multitude of charities supporting similar or identical causes do not team up and provide a unified approach to fund raising?

Two or more charities ‘competing’ for the same donation is never efficient, to say nothing of the costs involved in running each competing organisation, duplicating service delivery, financial operations and admin and the heavy burden of marketing and advertising. Why not just merge these duplicate charities and make more of our donations about helping people rather than funding the cost of running multiple organisations?

To be fair it isn’t just the ‘tv’ charities… Coloursmith belongs to various national and international industry organisations who seem to constantly miss the opportunity to group together, network, support and influence government, academia and their considerable (but fragmented) memberships in order to:

– raise the industry’s profile – particularly in the UK
– to provide a consistent and stable platform to develop new talent in a structured environment
– to create and design new initiatives

The day our industry membership organisations forget the politicking, ignore the historical feuding that still exists for some and move towards a partnership super organisation which supports and engages everyone, will be a good day indeed.


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