There isn’t really a colour aspect to this blog,  just a few thoughts to while away the minutes as I travel north for a meeting at the Society of Dyers and Colourists,  I am getting the train so no need to worry about blogging while trying to negotiate the M1 etc.  When I started to drive back in 1988 I soon became a convert to the car and did not want to use public transport in any capacity.   As time has gone on and especially in recent years I have found myself coming full circle.  Now much preferring the train for any long distance where the advantages of a car,  multiple stops etc, are not needed.  I am somewhere between Grantham and Doncaster, somebody has to be,  writing this looking out of the window seeing areas of the country I have not seen before and a lot of greenness,  lets be honest the only type of green you get on the M1 is the livery on the Eddie Stobart Trucks.    It’s also, usually a lot quicker,  7,30 in Kings Cross,  9.12 in Doncaster try doing that in a car especially with all the road works and speed restrictions on the M1.

The trains have been much maligned in the UK but I do not think we do too bad,  we get a good service out of Charing Cross for most of the year,  as long as there is not snow and the recent experience of both the East Coast and West Coast services have been very good.   Also here at Coloursmith we have a commitment to being green so I think the use of electric trains etc probably far outweighs the impact of a car.  So I am going to sit here for another 40 mins or so and then will be in Leeds Station on my way to Bradford. 

Hope everyone has a good day / week etc,  I cannot believe it will soon be March.



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