Time to Reflect Maybe…..

As we trundle towards the end of 2011 , I thought it would be a good time to reflect on what we have achieved at Coloursmith in 2011. People are often dismissive of people who work in a home office environment etc,  certainly one Dj’s comments always give the impression that all us non commuters have to do is log on and then go and watch TV all day with copious amounts of coffee and biscuits on hand. 

Starting Coloursmith in 2009 was one of the biggest decisions I was ever involved with, and came at a particularly stressful time in my life, the first year was fairly simple thanks to some contracts we already had in place,  at the end of 2010 some changes were made and we were truly on our own with no guaranteed income,  a truly scary place to be.   So into 2011 we went and with a  lot of self promotion we started moving through the year some nice orders were received for Training,  thank you to Colette and Jacqui at their respective organizations for their faith in Coloursmith,  we completed a WB project on resource efficiency in Bangladesh Mills,  a classic case of what should have been a fairly simple role taking extra time and resources but these things happen and it all fills the days :o).

The interest in the adhesive side of the business seems to be growing,  with enquiries for the Flameproof PUR and a significant trial going on for a powder adhesive.

The biggest news of 2011 for Coloursmith is that we have launched our own range of machine,  we have already supplied a wash fastness tester and a stretch and recovery tester,  pictures attached.  We also at this moment have a Wash fastness tester going through Marks and Spencer accreditation with our colleagues at UK-STR.  I am hopeful that Coloursmith will be eligible for inclusion on the Marks and Spencer Equipment Index by the end of November. More machines will follow,

 we plan to have the full range of machines, all supported by a full range of accredited consumables. With our bespoke engineering services and ability to think out side the box, then I am sure there will be a lot of opportunities going into 2012.

If you measure success financially  then we will end 2011 with more in the bank than we started 2011 with.  I have said a few times that I wanted to be on the TV whenever the next recessions starts,  if we ever get out of this one,  saying “Coloursmith started in 2009 at the start of the eurozone crisis and we grew by……”   Lets hope that comes true.

Chris Shaw said to me when I started this venture”  the good thing about working for yourself is that the un-showered , shaven scruffy so and so looking back at you in the bathroom mirror in the morning  THAT’S THE BOSS.

It’s a good motto to live by and a good driver to try and make yourself successful.  So that’s Coloursmith in 2011,  still here and hopefully growing,  some meetings in London today,  possible training and consultancy and machinery so the full range.

The biggest news was that the Keighley Cougars got promoted go guys,  I look forward to seeing you on the TV next season .

Hope you all have had a 2011 that you can look back on and not get too upset about,  I know its tough for everyone at the moment,  all you can do is keep the faith as they say.





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