First Full day at ITMA completed…… oh my feet !

Well that’s the first full day at ITMA 2011 completed.   I think the promotional gift that the organizers should give,  should be a Pedometer. I must have walked miles between the halls.  A few people are saying I look like I have lost weight I do not know if that was during the course of the day and travels.

Anyway it was a good day catching up with clients,  old friends and adversaries and just people you didn’t know you didn’t know etc.   Obviously the Coloursmith message is getting out to the world as a few people said,  we heard you were here and you have some new stuff happening.  I was going to put “exciting new developments” there but that sounded like marketing talk and no one ever actually talks like that.

As with all big events ITMA is a place of highs and lows,  people are reporting a good show with good enquiries,  its good to know that the current economic climate has not dampened interest too much,  but you still have conversations with people who are not happy with their stand position and how it affects the potential for business they have etc.   I have attached some pictures to show the different types of stand that people have,  the size and cost of some of these stands is unbelievable.  You can only hope you have a good show when you are investing that much.

Today is my final day, as a first time visitor,  3 or 4 times exhibitor.   You cannot expect to see it all and the mileage you cover is more than enough in two days but you have to be selective in who you see and how you do it,  I made some rookie mistakes yesterday,  having a 10am meeting in hall 1 and then an 11.30 in hall 4 followed by a 12.15 in hall 2.  All adds to the wear on the shoe leather and blisters on the feet while doing wonders for the exercise regime.

ITMA is a large vibrant fantastic show, its also good for the waistline.

Another full day in the halls and then to the airport for the flight back.  Will come back with Coloursmith final day pictures and comment later.  Look out for updates through the day on twitter.




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