Well thats it homeward bound

After nearly 10 days away I am on the way back to the UK. I think it has been a successful trip to Dhaka, the World bank project went well, and on the Coloursmith front we made some good contacts,  resolved a problem potentially will know more tomorrow when back at the desk.  I also am living proof of how the textile industry is a small world.  Many years ago we sold products to a company totally by email and a couple of conversations on the telephone today we walked into the of someone, handed the business card over and he recognized my name which is a feat given my surname !!  But said he worked for this company and was the main contact with me.  We then spent 45 minutes as he rang all his former colleagues and my former contacts to say that man is here .

It is a small world after all.  Good bye Dhaka, wheels up in 90 minutes and hello UK, see you in the morning understand its quite warm there today 27C

Happy landings



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