I am thinking of starting an appreciation society !

I have been driving around Dhaka now for 4 days, and everywhere you go on the roads, you see the bicycle rickshaw drivers, moving people and goods around the city.  In hot temperatures or monsoon rain they  keep going with everyone it seems against them.  They have to dodge in and out of traffic that quite frankly is horrendous and will do them more damage than they could possibly do to others, should an accident occur.  They seem to be shouted at by other road users and local authorities yet still they continue.  You will see from the photos that their trusty steeds are not exactly state of the art,  no 15 shimano gears or gel saddles for these guys.  Just brute force and determination.  So for this reason I think we should start an internet appreciation society for the Rickshaw drivers of Dhaka and the work they do to keep this country moving. 


Another long day on the road….  so have a good day everyone.





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