Hotel Life


As I have travelled around the world, I have always been amazed at no matter which country you are in how similar your hotel is.  You can be anywhere from Dhaka to Darlington and when you wake up in the morning your hotel room is usually a standard format. 


The same breakfast / buffet restaurant room is also a pretty much design around a theme.  Rows of tureens in the middle of the room containing all manner of goodies, in the case of my particular hotel in Dhaka this week, we have beef bacon, mutton curry, selection of cold cuts, cereals and yoghurts and off course the much needed cakes.  As someone who has travelled quite a lot in my working life, I have in the past had breakfasts of Idly's and Samber, thanks to the Hotel Angel in Tirupur,  I have also had more than my fair share of chicken sausage and omelettes with chilli and onion.  Both items that I would never consider for breakfast back in the UK. I would probably not think of it for dinner in the Uk to be honest. 


This take by the hotels on what we are citizens of the world have for breakfast is always interesting and they often get near but for whatever reason, cultural, geographical, logistical etc they never quite make it.  The one thing that tastes the same whereever you go in the world is the humble fried egg.  A tribute to evolution and the power of the chicken.  Unfortunately the only other thing that remains the same is that I have been unable to find a hotel in the world that does not have a terrible toaster.  Those ones on that take your bread on journey of discovery on a moving wire conveyor before depositing it in a tray at the bottom either burnt on one side and not toasted at all on the other or just not toasted, have to be the worst piece of equipment in the world yet they are everywhere. 


I think I am in the wrong business,  coming soon from Coloursmith commerical toasters that work. 


Have a great day everyone,  day three of this trip….. away we go ! 




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