another day…..

Good Morning all from the second day of our decampmont (is that a word) to Bangaldesh. 


It was a very interesting and productive first day,  a 90 minute trip took 3 hours in the morning and about 4 and a half in the afternoon.  When you witness fights between bus crews, trucks going into potholes so deep that they break the axle the time soon passes. 


I think I also witnessed a world record for the longest time stuck at a red light traffic light when its not broken,  we must have been there 15 minutes.  At least it gave the street hawkers time to sell their animal balloons and pop corn.  Who says free enterprise is alive and well. 


The day started at 7.45am and finished back at the hotel at gone 9pm, normal for this type of trip but not fun especially when you are still trying to lose the jet lag or simple lack of sleep etc. 


The phone in my room has just gone to say the driver is here,  so away we go for round two. 


To #madewithasmile on twitter let us know what kind of issues you are facing will see if we can help or if we know a man who knows a man who can help. 


Social Networking and problems solving at its best. 


Have a good sleep all our UK followers its the early hours back home. 


On the road again………………




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