We moved well for this week at least


Hello friends, 


It has been a while since I have posted on Posterous, I have been leaving all this social media gubbins to Shirley, given the special circumstances of this week,  I suspect you will be seeing a bit more of me on Posterous. I am writing this in a hotel room in Dhaka Bangladesh. Why on earth would you go to Bangladesh just to write a posterous blog I hear you cry?. Well why not?. The truth is that Coloursmith have been retained by the World Bank to consult on a project they are running for water and energy efficiencies etc in the textile industry.  So I am here in Dhaka at 7.30am about to embark on a week of factory visits and meetings. 


The whole nature of this project fits perfectly with the ideals of Coloursmith in terms of sustainability, environmentally friendly processing etc and we are proud and honoured to have been retained to undertake this consultancy. 


Bangladesh itself for those of you who have never been is a vibrant and energetic country, too much traffic,  given the weather Dhaka is experiencing at the moment,  too much rain, but the people are amazing. Always friendly and welcoming and eager to develop and learn new things. Food wise  the selection is wide and always interesting especially if you eat in the hotel. Having just returned from breakfast the eggs were good,  but I am unsure and am staying away from beef bacon !


So thats Coloursmith for this week, fulfilling a roving reporter type role.  I will try to check in everyday but you can imagine that the schedule is busy so please bear with me. I will try and post some pictures and in the first instance I will leave you with the view from the "office" window. 


Have a good Sunday everyone.




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