MODA 2011 – ‘Brotherly Love’ at Base London – #uktextiles

Men’s footwear brand Base London has announced the winner of its ‘Brotherly Love’ competition, which is run in conjunction with De Montfort University.

Footwear Design students at the University were tasked with designing a range of commercially led footwear styles aimed at two different target markets.

The De Montfort University students were briefed to design and develop one footwear collection for a ‘City Man’, which would best suit Base London’s ‘work hard, play hard’ target market. The second collection would be aimed at a ‘Festival Lad’, a younger market who would enjoy a more carefree life and suited to Base London’s sister brand Fish ‘n’ Chips.

The final collections were judged by Base London’s managing director Ian Cartwright, senior designer Antoine Delapierre and brand manager Liz Lawley.

Loretta Glendinning was announced as the winning designer with her ‘Boardwalk Empire’ inspired collection. The ‘City Man’ designs featured broguing, buckles and fringing while the ‘Festival Lad’ collection was more relaxed and included moccasins, deck shoes and espadrilles with a vintage fisherman theme.

“There was a really high standard of work in this year’s project” said Liz Lawley, Base London’s brand manager. “There is a clear amount of talent on display within this group and it promises to be a bright future for the British footwear industry.”

Loretta Glendinning and runners up Tabitha Duffield and Jo Weston were awarded cash prizes from Base London, who also contributed to the course’s travel fund.

Both Base London’s ‘City Man’ and ‘Festival Lad’ collections will be showcasing at Moda Footwear on 14-16 August.



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