Embroiderers’ Guild Worcester Branch | Worcester News

LIZ Brooke Ward described how her work had become All Stitched Up during her talk to members and guests of Worcester Embroiderers’ Guild.

With a background in drama and teaching, Liz did not take up her needle until 1998, but since then has developed a talent for and a love of stitch and design.

Her main interest is quilting, and most of her designs are appliqué, but she uses many different techniques, including monoprinting, tie-dyeing, and particularly computer design and printing directly onto fabric.

The display of her work ranged from a beautiful decorated jacket to a long, graduated quilt made for her staircase, to tiny pieces worked only in French knots.

Liz was both an amusing and an inspirational speaker, and members and visitors were encouraged to examine and touch the textiles she had on show.

On Tuesday, May 3, Ruth Smith makes a welcome return visit to discuss The Folded Secrets Story at the Friends Meeting House, Sansome Place, Worcester , WR1 1UG .

We extend a warm welcome to visitors and new members. For further information contact Jacky Shail on 01684 311722.




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