Its only boiling an Egg!

Hello good people in Coloursmith world,   going to go slightly off topic this morning, but while sitting idly watching the TV,  I started to wonder  when did cooking start to take itself so seriously.  Two main culprits of this seem to be Gordon Ramsey and Masterchef.

I saw an episode of “Ramsey’s a nightmare and cannot find the kitchen” or whatever his latest incarnation of same old tosh is called and he was stood in the middle of someone else’s kitchen smacking his palms together,  like the world’s worst bookmaker,  saying “ this is the most important service of your life”.  What is this man on ?   It’s food at the end of the day,  it’s not life and death its fish and chips or whatever.  

The other one you have to look at and wonder WHY is Greg  Wallace from Master Chef   just seen him on TV this morning talking about how again “ this is the most important thing ever” and then rambling on about nothing for 10 minutes.     Seem to remember this guy was just a greengrocer, how lucky did he get? ,  I had to leave the room it was so infuriating.

There are wars in the world,  the people of Japan are still facing terrible hardship and loss after their recent natural disaster and these people seem to think that a soggy Crème Brulee is going to bring about the end of civilization as we know it. GET SOME PERSPECTIVE.

Cooking should be a fun relaxing thing to do, we all need time away from the day to day to forget about life’s hardships. You do not need some ego shouting and swearing on TV because of some “Kitchen Nightmare”  the only nightmare is the way these over inflated ego’s seem to behave.   Bit of a rant this morning , it’s been one of those weeks,   we shall prevail and will sail forward to happier times free of the burdens of over inflated egos and weights around my neck.  Off back to work and back to thoughts of colour,  will post something more on track later.

Happy Sunday every one.



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