Is it a bargain… the quality threshold.

Hi all,  I saw a comment on Twitter today, from the managing director of Peacocks the retailer, He said “he was amazed that T shirts from China were cheaper than a bottle of beer”,  the simple fact is that clothing has become the new disposable items.   While it seems that beer has become a fashion statement.  Timothy Taylors Landlord in London is selling for around £3.60 a pint.  As someone from Timothy Taylors home town,  I need to support the product, but am amazed that I can walk around the corner into Regent street and probably buy a pack of T Shirts for less money.  I know that people love a bargain and they will see a pack of 5 shirts for less than £10 as great value,  but the question is do they equate any type of quality to these products.  Where is the cut off point,  from when a garment is good value for money, to when it becomes a waste of money.   I would like my T-shirt to last past a few washes or wears without it turning into a mass of tangled fibres.  There is a price for quality and people should be prepared to pay this,  if we keep just throwing garments away after one wash then we are lowering the expectation and the pressure to produce quality products.  we are also telling people,  it is ok to produce rubbish.  If you do not give us a quality product this week,  we will just come back and buy it again next week.   I have started a group on Linkedin called UKTextiles and we also have a hashtag on Twitter #UKTextiles where we are trying to promote all that is good about UK Textiles and one of the best things about UK Textiles is that we usually provide a quality product.  I hope the next generation of UK textile producers will continue in this fine tradition and soon the balance of beer to t shirt costs will be restored with both being a quality product and hopefully the day will soon come when the T Shirt lasts longer than the beer.


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