Twittering alone tonight!

No – not sitting here talking to myself like Norma No-Mates!

Ian is currently away, delivering three days of training for a major retailer on dyeing and finishing and I am all on my ownsome at Coloursmith Cottage…

So what’s a girl to do when the evening stretches in front of her, with no big Northern Smithy bloke around to keep me company?

Manicure?  Long soak in the bath?  A relaxing G&T in front of the TV watching a chick flick?

Ah. Well – no.  None of those.  I am actually uploading tweets on Twitter (@Coloursmith) and blogging here on the Coloursmith blog, trying to gain Klout points ( and using social media generally to raise the profile of our company – and it seems to be working!

Our Klout points have gone up recently, in-line with the increased activity and we now have lots of new and interesting folk following us too 🙂

The #UKTextiles Twitter hashtag that Ian mentioned in the last ColourTalk blog is also going well – lots of new posts trending and Ian even tweeted it to the BBC yesterday – very cool!  Fingers crossed we get a call back from the Beeb to talk all about UK Textiles and how important the industry is to this country.

To be honest – I am slightly obsessed with it all – I have an App on my iPhone to allow me to see our Twitter feed, and the Coloursmith website also pulls live tweets too – so wherever I look in Coloursmith Towers, social networking surrounds me!

Having said all that – that G&T is looking good right now – let me just look at any new tweets first……

Have a great networking week everyone – Ian will be back on Thursday (woo hoo!).

Go well…



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