Somethings never change……

Hello all,  its been a while since any posts sorry about that. Number of reasons why that I will not go into.  I recently purchased from Ebay a technical book to bring my dyeing and finishing knowledge up to date.  ” Scouring and Dyeing with Vegetable Dye Recipes” by K Grasett was first published in 1930 and goes right to the heart of the traditional aspect of our industry.   It contains recipes that I feel should be retried and introduced to the market.  If anyone would like to know,  to dye Angora Gold you need the following

Wool – One Pound Handspun Angora

Mordant : Alum: nine ounces , Cream of Tartar, five and a half ounces, Stannous Chloride, one drachm. 

Dye : Madder Two and A quarter ounces, Fustic Extract, three spoonfuls,  no specification on size of spoon.

Method:  Steep wool overnight in four ounces of alum, Next day put in dyebath, five ounces of Alum and five and a half ounces tartar. One Drachm stannous chloride, dissolve then enter the dyes mix well and boil for two hours.  

If anyone would like to try this and report back I would be most interested.  The book is a wonderful insight into times past,  if not only to find out that to study for three months 4 hours per day would cost £15.00.  So a full years education for around £60.00.  Not bad although I am sure that when you do the calculation from old to new money and account for inflation etc. The £60.00 will probably not be too far off todays rates.  So somethings do change… have a good weekend everyone,  I am waiting for the snow to fall here.


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