This is the most important Colour Debate ever !

Red Daleks - As If !

Hello again – Ian here,  two post very quickly this weeks,  I have been planning to write the dinosaur one for a while and just got round to it,  but something much more important in the world of colour has come to my attention.  Forget everything,  we need to resolve the issue that is relevant to people of my generations, us 30 somethings.  It seems that for those of us who grew up with Dr Who, there is a question that needs resolving.  Firstly some history for those of you not from UK who maybe be going “What on earth is he talking about”  Dr Who is a BBC  television production that started probably in the 1950’s about the adventures of a Time Lord flying through space and time with his companions, saving the universe on a weekly basis.  In its early life it was an program of funny costumed monsters and wobbly cardboard sets etc.  It was finally cancelled in the 1990’s only to have a triumphant return in the last 10 years or so.  The arch enemy of the Doctor, as he is called,  are THE DALEKS.  Menacing aliens out to destroy all life in the universe.  Anyway the Daleks have always been a sort of grey colour, and in the recent series they have started to give them different colours.  This seems to have caused a furore amongst fans of the show with the producer coming out and openly admitting that coloured daleks are WRONG. 

It seems that we all have our own view of what something should be like, how we percieve things and what fits into our levels of what is acceptable.  Colour obviously is a large part of this acceptance or not,  its our first impression and whether we look at a new designer outfit or an alien invader from another planet come to destroy all life if the colour is not right it totally affects our perception of life the universe and everything the power of colour is just amazing.  I also like the fact that people can be so passionate about a tv show that they start to complain and debate a subject such as this.  I had visions of people sitting in their living rooms saying ” well I think the acting in this show and the special effects are just terrific but I ask you,  how can you believe in a time traveller fighting a RED Dalek,  that just wouldn’t happen.  As if RED daleks could ever exist.”   Colour affects our lives all through the entertainment industry from brightly coloured sets and costumes, to lighting to set a mood.  The idea of white and grey wizards in The Lord of the Rings, team colours in sport all are there, all are recognisable and all ignite some feelings and emotions in us.  I have said before one of my first lectures in college involved the lecture sitting down and saying “What is Red” and “What is Green”  The simple answer is they can be whatever you want or need them to be.     – Have a good day everyone _ Ian


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