Autumn or Fall?



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Have you noticed how beautiful the British autumn is this year?  Apparently, the trees are turning later this season, and this has meant that the contrast between the green trees that have yet to start changing colour, with those trees that are already displaying orange, plum and yellow leaves, is greater!Our garden at Coloursmith Cottage doesn’t have any trees in it – but the house is surrounded by them – a range of deciduous and evergreen – so the colour contrast is wonderful here – and the drive into work, through the Kent countryside is just beautiful too.Earlier in the year, we had lots of birds visiting the area and as summer wore on into September, the numbers decreased as migration started – Ian and I felt the difference in the garden after all that frantic activity on the bird feeders and felt sad that the wildlife seemed to have gone – but now, we can look at the autumn display, enjoy the hedgerows and watch the rather fat grey and pink wood pigeons, grey squirrels and robins with their red breasts!It will soon be Halloween and Guy Fawkes night – more colours to talk about!Don’t you love this time of year?  Have a lovely week everyone!Shirley


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