Stop at the lights …

Do you have a Blackberry? Are you finding that you fixate on the colour of the LED? Getting excited,  hopeful even, that when it goes RED that the important order, update etc has just arrived?Then you log into your Smartphone to find that the email that could change your life is actually from someone in Africa offering you £5000000000 if you just pass your bank details over.I found myself like this – always checking my Blackberry the minute the light changed, even though the same email would appear on my computer not 3 feet away within nanoseconds.I have been taking a look at the way we work at Coloursmith and have actually turned the LED off and it is so liberating. No longer a slave to the little blinker. Gives you more focus, less stress. Whether its a bleep, a bang, a warble or a flashing red light, ignore it, go silent etc free your mind and see where it takes you.Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to face tomorrow.Ian


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