What colour is Monday?

What do the following people have in common?

David Hockney Duke Ellington Richard Feynman Stevie Wonder Jean Sibelius

20th century illuminaries? All born in the same year? All wore glasses? Give up?Well, these famous people are all colour synesthetes – they all experience a phenomenon called “synesthesia” – in which numbers, music, letters etc. are percieved as a colour.  This amazing condition is seen in some of the most influential artists, musicians and scientists of the last 300 years.The following clip is from the extremely popular BBC comedy quiz ‘QI‘ – and discusses this effect using the days of the week:Around 1in 23 humans have some form of synesthesia – usually in terms of weekdays as in the clip above and commonly in music – which is fascinating!  Are you one of these perceptive people?Have a good Monday (which is blue at Coloursmith Cottage!)Ian and Shirley


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