Is the universe beige?

Nice to be able to blame the French for something else……this time it is a colour!Our Gallic neighbours (well they ARE neighbours if you live in the UK!) are responsible for the ubiquitous beige (or nude or griege or eau de nil – take your pick) – and beige is a colour that is currently intriguing me….I know – not a subject that normally makes you think “mmm, fascinating” but the colour beige is everywhere and so embedded in our everyday lives that we completely ignore it most of the time.The carpet at Coloursmith Cottage is – in stylish, contemporary terms – labelled ‘cream’.  It is in fact ….beige.  The shiny patent skyscraper heels that I coveted in town at the weekend, were palest oyster – in other words, beige.   Fashion and homestyling have embraced the colour……but conveniently forgotten the actual name – definitely a case of beauty over substance in that case!It isn’t funky or ‘sexy’ or chic to use beige – but change the name to ‘buff’, ‘sand’ or ‘taupe’ and the image presented is quite different!Why has beige become the colour of the polyester slacks and windproof jackets so beloved by the older generation?  Or the colour of the original, seriously large, desktop PC’s from the eighties and nineties?  PC’s these days are all sleekly black and silver – far more funky and desirable.  One of those unfathomable questions I guess – maybe beige means unnoticeable or uninteresting these days – but isn’t it odd that when you change the name of the colour – it becomes something else entirely – acceptable, fashionable, desired….?Ian mentioned in a previous blog – ‘what’s in a name?’ – and I can honestly say, when it comes to the colour beige – EVERYTHING is in the name!  You can be boringly beige or beautifully biscuit – take your pick!One last thing to mention on this unassuming colour before I leave you to ponder your neutral hued thoughts – apparently, the scientists believe that the universe is ……..beige!  BUT……even the scientists cannot bring themselves to use the actual word – so they call it Cosmic Latte!And on that note – I am off to get myself a coffee!Have a good week guys and girlsShirley


2 thoughts on “Is the universe beige?”

  1. […] time have decided that the universe is actually middle-aged and as such is dressing accordingly in Beige. It seems that what could possibly be the second oldest colour related question has now been […]


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