So here we go…… Gulp…

After a few practice and trial blogs with no one really looking,  I think two people knew about this place.  We have finally done it sent out an email to our friends old and new saying HELLO WE ARE HERE  COME AND SEE US IT WILL BE FUN.   I write that in capitals as it does feel like it has been shouted from the roof tops.  Anyway having popped my head above the trench its time to start delivering and getting the blog out there etc.   So I will now say to you all who are discovering this part of Coloursmith world for the first time.  “Welcome I hope you enjoy what we say and please feel free to join in the debate” – did that sound very Radio phone in then ?  Probably more like late night local radio, with Troubled of Truro moaning about the quality of local services.  I digress speak to you all soon . Promise it will be soon….. If it gets to Christmas and there are no further posts then send for an ambulance – thanks


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