So down to Business.

For the first real posting after the “hello there” post,  I suspose I should tell you what we do and how we go about doing it.  Firstly lets do some history,  I started out as a dyer and finisher.  To start with in the wonderful world of Mohair and Cashmere dyeing and then to the other end of the spectrum dyeing automotive polyester.   After a few years doing that I moved to Roaches International in their Sales department.  Selling sample dyeing and quality control equipment.  In fact thats where most people know me from, when they see my name or etc,  I get “are you the guy who used to work for Roaches ?”  After a brief move out of the industry I came back to the industry with Coloursmith.   We are again working with the new owners of Roaches,  Advanced Dyeing Solutions,  as well as some other companies.  The range of products we can supply includes,  spray and hotmelt adhesives,  technical film adhesives and specialist equipment for the non wovens and technical textiles industry.  These specialist items include, winding and rewinding equipment for fibres such as Carbon,  Kevlar and a spinneret inspection system for the non wovens industry.  While we are enjoying the sales role and meeting a lot of  friends old and new,  we are also developing an exciting new  consultancy and training side to the business.  We can offer training seminars on all aspects of dyeing and finishing, as well as some more specialist areas. If your interested in this please drop us a line we are always happy to hear from you.   So thats Coloursmith,  there is always a lot more to talk about and if you keep checking back over the coming weeks, I am sure we will explore a lot more about the textile industry and how the Coloursmith corner is developing.  I wish you all a good weekend and hope the weather is as good as they are promising it to be in the UK.


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