Welcome to Coloursmith

Hello and welcome to the world of Coloursmith Ltd,  everyone calls it Coloursmith.   We strive to be the partner of choice for the world’s leading colouration technology companies and their partners by developing their industry and market profile and providing ‘best-practice’ training programmes.

Satisfying our clients by helping them to create, build and maintain the most reliable, cost-effective, innovative, ethically appropriate and environmentally sensitive solution is a primary goal and fundamental part of our business vision.

Based in the UK, and with a geographical reach that includes Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America, Coloursmith leads a broad network of distribution agencies, industry contacts and textile related organisations.

Within this blog we will bring you industry news,  some technical updates on the textile industry and how it affects you,  we will also keep you upto date with our news,  any events we are attending or exhibitions that are going on that you may find interesting.  So please check back and see whats happening.  Also keep informed with us on Twitter @coloursmithuk or  via our website www.coloursmith.co.uk


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